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この宿題はやさしいでわありません does it make sense?

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    この宿題は 簡単では ありません(konoshukudaiwa kantandewa arimasen)

    Hi! Look, it can be with 簡単「A な Adjective」、Or, with 易しい「An い Adjective」
    When you negate an い Adjective, it has an own negative form:
    易しい Changes to 易しくない。When you wanna transform to negative an い Adjective you have to delete the last い and change it to くない instead. You don't have to put ではありません、Just put です、Because the ~くない Is denying the sentence.
    Also, you can use 簡単 That is a な Adjective so you can do it how you're doing it.
    *How Sento said, "deha" (dewa) is with particle は, not with わ
    *Sorry my bad English!!!! :( I hope you'll understand (:

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