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How to type korean character here?

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    On Windows...

    Go to Control Panel, Region and Language, Keyboards and Languages tab.

    Click on "Change Keyboards" and Add the Korean/Keyboard/Microsoft IME.

    Once you do that, you should get a little icon in the lower right of your screen labeled EN. Click that and choose KO. It should show KO, a pencil/world and the letter A.

    If you hit the Alt key now, it will toggle between A and 가. When you are in 가, you can type in Korean. When you are in A, you can type in English.

    Hope that works and I didn't miss a step.

    You need to add the Korean keyboard in the Control Panel Settings under Languages...

    You can also use this:

    I use this website:
    It lets you use you're same keyboard so you can type as if you're using a Korean keyboard.

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