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Is いただきます the polite form of もらいます?

I did asked a similar question previously and the answer I got was, it is 敬語 of もらいます. I think that was what I was taught too in class until recently a Japanese friend told me it is not.

Anyway, I am always confused because いただきます is almost always used without a subject - who is the one receiving the action? ください on the other hand is very straight forward where the people saying or writing is always requesting for an action/object.

I got this email reply recently and it has several いただきます in it.

この度は当社XXXサイトをご覧頂きまして誠にありがとうございます。--- (1)

お問い合わせ頂きましたXXXの件でございますが、--- (2)
す。--- (3)

Am I right to say,
(1) 筆者は私(読者)にサイトを見てもらいました
(2) 筆者は私に問い合わせてもらいました
(3) 私はXXXショップに解除してもらいます。

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    (3) 筆者は私にXXXショップに解除依頼をしてもらいます。但しそれは解除が必要な場合のみです。

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