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How are the different words for "small" used?

In my ongoing journey learning Turkish I've come across multiple words meaning the same, at least in the dictionary. Therefor this question is part of a series of questions, regarding those words.

For this time, the word "small". It has two Turkish words - "ufak" and "küçük".

1. Could you please explain the difference, if there is one, and
2. provide example sentences which show the differential meaning of the two words?

This would be great! :)

Teşekkür ederim!

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    Hi, Walter !
    Vielleicht haben Sie in diesem Sinne?
    Cup of coffee in Turkish?

    The adjectives “ufak” and küçük” have similar usages which have been exemplified below. Nevertheless, it is still possible to detect different functions of them explained in examples 4 and 5 below.
    Both “ufak” and “küçük” describe a noun that is “small” in appearance (1).
    (1.) Bu caddede ufak bir ev var. (2) Küçük bir sehpa getireceğim.
    Both of these adjectives may also refer to a person whose age is younger than the others (2).
    (2.) Ufak bir kız bahçede oynuyor. (2.) Küçük kardeşi hasta oldu.
    Both of them may refer to a position in a firm or company which has a low rank (3.1 & 3.2).
    (3.1) Ufak bir memuriyet de olurdu.
    (3.2) Küçük bir memur
    Differing from “küçük”, the adjective “ufak” could be used while referring to “a short period of time” in certain contexts as seen in the following example (4)
    Ufak bir istirahatten sonra çalışmaya devam ettim.
    On the other hand, the adjective “küçük” may describe the condition/quality of voice (5)
    Küçük, tatlı bir sesle şarkılar söyledi.

    Reference: Türk Dil Kurumu Sözlüğü

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