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How are the different words for "together" used?

In my ongoing journey learning Turkish I've come across multiple words meaning the same, at least in the dictionary. Therefor this question is part of a series of questions, regarding those words.

For this time, the word "together". It has two Turkish words - "birlikte" and "beraber".

1. Could you please explain the difference, if there is one, and
2. provide example sentences which show the differential meaning of the two words?

This would be great! :)

Teşekkür ederim!

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    “Birlikte” and beraber” are both adverbs and indicate “togetherness.” (1)
    • Yeni bir hayata birlikte / beraber başladılar.
    [They started a new life together.] In this context they could be used interchangeably.
    On the other hand, in the following examples “beraber” seems to be the most contextually appropriate option:
    (2) “beraber” in this context could be perceived as “despite”:
    • Eskiden oyunlar çocukça olmakla beraber daha samimiydi.
    [Despite being childish, the games in the past were more sincere.]
    (3) In the sentence given below “beraber” means that there is no gap between the house and the ground
    • Evin merdiveni yok; ev toprakla beraber.
    [There is no stair (in front of the house); it is located at the level of the ground – it is directly grounded on the floor/soil.]

    I agree with Yasemin. She explained very well, however, both are fine for second one. You can use them interchangeably.
    Eskiden oyunlar çocukça olmakla beraber/olmakla birlikte daha samimiydi.

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