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Are these two sentences all right?

昨日 プールへ 泳ぎに 行きました。
昨日 プールへ 行って、泳ぎました。
Is there any difference between this two sentences?

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    1)Yesterday, I went to swimming pool for swim.
    this sentence point is "swim"

    2) Yesterday, I went to swimming pool,then I swimed.
    this sentence, "go" and "swim" are parallel.

    First sentence tell your sigle action.
    Second sentence can use to explaine your actions process.
    ex)帰って、夕飯を食べた。first "go home" , next "eat dinner"
    夕飯を食べて、帰った。first "eat dinner" , next x"go home".

    Both sentence are right and similar mean,but there is little diffrence.

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