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Favourite Japanese Bands / Singers?

Would love to be directed to some good Japanese music... Thank You :)

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    Let me introduce you some of the singers/bands that seem relatively popular outside Japan. (Baby Portable Rock - Pizzicato Five) (Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation) (Shonen Knife - Daydream believer) (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON) (DJ Krush - Zen) (Soul Flower Union - Mangetsu no Yuube) (Hi-STANDARD×コロ助 My first kiss はじめてのチュウ)


    I send my favorite music for you.
    Song title:uewomuitearukou(SUKIYAKI) Singer:Kyu Sakamoto
    Song title:kowarekakeno radio Singer:Hideaki Tokunaga
    Song title:anatani aitakute~Missing You~ Singer:Seiko Matsuda
    Song title:dakishimetai Singer:Mr.Children
    Song title:nagisa Singer:Spitz
    Song title:miraie Singer:kiroro
    Song title:tegami Singer:Angela Aki
    Song title:aiwokometehanatabawo Singer:Superfly
    Song title:aitakuteima Singer:MISIA
    Song title:arigatou Singer:ikimonogakari

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