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Transcription once again

Thanks in advance for the transcription of the parts specified below:

05:40 - 05:45
05:57 - 06:02
06:10 - 06:15
06:40 - 07:20
10:22 - 10:38
09:55 - 10:07

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    Even the dogs in that commercial are like it's little heavy handed Sarah.

    Why would he put that joke in this special?

    It's too hard they act like they've never been to sleep before.

    There's always one awake, like they are taking shifts. Alright I'll annoy him from midnight to 2. Who wants 3 to 6? Now lets lie down and practice kicking him in our sleep. Cause my wife had instituted this open-door policy where if one of our kids has a nightmare they're welcome to come in our room and be in our bed. Luckily that only happens every night, you ever lied beside someone who has wet the bed?

    Really that's all a vacation is, just eating in a place we have never been. Why don't we eat something then we'll go get something to eat.

    And listen to my children complain and whine Disney Oh good. I figured out what makes Disney magical.

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