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Sham / Levantine Arabic Grammar


I usually ask for help in Egyptian Arabic because it's easy for me. I first learned some Lebanese Arabic but I never got good at it because I get very confused with the grammar.

Fel fos7a men2oul " hadha / hadhihi" wa fel 3miye masriye men2oul " da / di"
But how do you say this in Sham Arabic?

I also have a hard time knowing when to pronounce " Ta marbouta" like "Eh" in the word " Cafe". I think it stays the same as "Ah" sound when it follows the hard Arabic letters like " 7, 3, 6 Tha, etc. I need the list.

For example if I say I'm sad in I say " ana 7azine" instead of 7azina
But if I say I'm happy I must ( LAZEM) say " ana mabsoo6a" I can't say mabsoo6e because it would be wrong.

I hear people say words that end in " ya" eeh sound for example " 2alby" they say "2albe" or 3ndy emt7an ( I have a test) 3nde emt7an.

I watched Lebanese movie and in the movie a boy says " ana msh 3rabi, ana feniyeh". He said " I'm not Arab, I'm Phonecian" The Classical Arabic word for Phonecian is " feniqi". If if I say a woman is Lebanese I say " hiye lunbaniye" but why the boy says "feniye"? like if it's a female adjective? It should be " ana feniyi" like "lubnani".

I NEED HELP...this is confusing... :-@

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    hi :)

    Fel fos7a men2oul " hadha / hadhihi" wa fel 3miye masriye men2oul " da / di"
    But how do you say this in Sham Arabic?
    i want to tell you something Sham Arabic is much closer to Arabic fos7a than Egyptian
    so we say
    "hadha = hadha"
    "hadhihi = hadhihi or hay " we use hay usually

    if you want to learn Arabic much closer to fos7a which is the original
    learn Sham Arabic .

    im Egyption Natali , i can help u in Egyption accent , i want to be strog in American English so if u wanna exchange our language that would be nice

    i know Deutsch too , if u would like to learn Deutsch auch

    Hey sister i advice you to Learn arabic standard or ALFOSAHA its easy and all arabic people can understand you when you talking by ARABIC ALFOSAHA

    if you learn for example Egyptian Arabic only Egyptian people can understand you but others arabic people like Lebanese or saudi or morooco or i can say all arabic people can't understand you ,

    but if you use ARABIC STANDARD OR ALFOSAHA all can understand you cos all understand this accent i mean arabic standard accent or alfosaha accent


    Learn Egyptian accent if you don't want to learn standard, because it's famous and all the Arabs understand it as many of the movies and TV shows are Egyptian.

    I can help you if you want by giving you common phrases.

    Altaa Almrbuthh: Taa in pronunciation, but it resembles letter Alhaa type on it there on her head two distinct character Alhaa any it pronounce Kaltaa when arrived to speak interconnected some .. but pronounce as Alhaa character in the case to stand on the floor
    An example of this when he says:achajarato mothmirah .

    Hatha (mish hadha)= de(masr)= heda-hayda (lobnen) = hedi(just south of Lebanon)
    Hathihi(mish hadhihi)=di(masr)=hede-hayde(lobnen)
    Plurial (feminine and masculine) = haydole(justsouth of Leb)- hawde-hol-hole(mostly just Beirut)

    2=ق As you know, we pronounce it as أ "a" . ya3ne we don't say "qolt=I said"..we say "2olt-2elet". We never use "q" in our writings.
    3=ع like Arabi..we say 3arabi because A=أ not ع
    5=خ=kh... like Khaled =5aled.
    7=ح.. Hasan= 7asan
    8=غ=gh. Benghazi= ben8azi ( it's a town in Libya).

    Men2ool (we say) ana mabsoot=i'm happy.

    What you wrote about that is true : "2albe or 2albi or 2alby" "3ende or 3endi or 3endy".
    Ana mish (or manne or mannesh) 3arabe...ane feniki (we don't use q so we wrote finiki or finike).
    PS: You should observe that we add "sh" very often on the end of words.
    Hope this helps :)

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