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'Returning' - 回去 vs 回来

What is the difference between 回去 and 回来 - like 回宿舍去 vs 回家来? Both seem to imply a return to somewhere but I can't quite tell the difference.


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    回去 vs 回来

    1. 回去:Go back.
    From where you are now ----》 The other place
    e.g. 我要回家去。I wanna go back home. (Not home right now)

    2. 回来:Come back.
    From the other place ----》 Where you are now
    e.g. 我回来了。I've come back home. (Be home right now)

    e.g:i'm going home ,we will say:我要回去了,than,i'm got home,we will say:我回来了.hope can help you :)

    回去 = return to the location _far_from_ the speaker
    回来 = return to the location _close_to_ the speaker

    The direction of 来 is towards the speaker.
    The direction of 去 is against the speaker.

    Jimmy got a phone call when we were playing football this morning. It was his girlfriend. 'Yes, honey?', Jimmy answered the phone. 'When will you 回来?', asked Abby; meanwhile, Jimmy smilingly gave the finger to my wry face and went, 'I will 回去 in one or two hours.'

    回去 and 回来:
    回去 means you are currently at location A, but you wanna go back to lacation B. 我要回去宿舍了(你现在不在宿舍,you are not in the dorm now)
    回来 means you're currently back at location A where you are speaking right now . jack,我回来了。(you came back from other places to the location where you are.)

    easiest way: “来”是come “去”是go
    回来: come back; 回去 :go back

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