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need translation...not sure of the language.

sosyal ka

ay my gnun tlga gurl plabiro ka

dalhan mo nlng ako choclates pgbalik mo dito ah?

kw tlga mtgal pa yan

malapit nlng yan

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    Let's take it one by one. Okay?

    sosyal ka. --->Sosyal is a term in the Philippines which denotes to being something like or having/doing things of a rich person and has no English equivalent. It is ubiquitous in conversational language that it became a daily expression, usually used by females. And "ka" means you.

    Ay may ganun ---> this is a new expression which we usually say after having seen/heard an extraordinary(but not much) thing. It can be literally translated to "Oh there's something."

    kaw talaga girl. palabiro ka---> Don't mind the first sentence. It's just another expression with no english equivalent. Palabiro ka means you're a joker.

    Dalhan mo nalang ako chocolates pagbalik mo dito ah?---> means " Bring (give me) some chocolates when you go back here, okay?

    kaw talaga. matagal pa yan.----> As I said don't mind the term "kaw talaga". "Matagal pa yan means something like "It's still far from now."

    malapit nalang yan. ----> This seems vague because the word "malapit" or "near" in English can denote to either time or place. I can't tell what the speaker is talking about here but it can be translated literally to "It's just near."

    Hope this helps. God bless!

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