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Bewaja? Hoton?Sawaare?Ishaare?Khusboo ?Shaaqon? Ddal?Jhoole? Bhoole? Khwaabon?Mukammal?Tharasethe ?Naanukur?Adhoora?Moti ? Seethi ?Woh ?

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    Bewajah - without any reason
    Hothon- plural of honth, lips
    Sawaarna- to decorate, to adorn, to make beautiful
    Ishaare - plural of 'ishara' - signs, gesture
    Khushboo - scent, good oudor
    Shaaqon - plural of shaq - suspicion, doubt
    Ddal - broker
    Jhoole- jhoolna- to swing
    Bhoole- bhoolna - to forget
    Khwaabon - plural of khwab- dreams
    Mukammal- complete also in sense of 'entire'
    taraste - tarasna- to crave
    Adhoora - incomplete
    Moti मोती- pearl, t is not retroflex
    moti मोटी - fat, thick; t pronounced is retroflex
    Woh - he/she/it, that

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