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long one...please translate.

...hrap mainluv sa mling tao...mdling mainluv pro pnkmhrap mg move on

ewan ko girl...hrap kaya lalo na kung mahal na mahal mo sya dva???

pnu ko ggwen yun girl??nsa US na cya...we lost communication pa...

dti ngkkchat pa nwala na lng bgla pti fb nya wla na rin...

gnun n nga lng tlga sguro....hndi nmn 4 lyf pd ako mgpkmartir nlng...msakit pro kelngan na tlgng tngpn...tanx huh sa advise...mukhng matatauhan na tlga ako..

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    It's hard to fall in love with the wrong one. It's easy to fall in love but it's hard to move on.
    I don't know (girl) but, it's hard especially if you really love him/her, right?
    How will I do it, girl? He/she is already in US. We even lost communication.
    Before, we were still able to chat. But suddenly it was gone..even his Facebook (account) was gone.
    Maybe that's the way it should be, I can't be a martyr for life (forever). It hurts but I should accept it. Thanks for the advice. I seems that I'll indeed be enlightened.

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