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Again the Danish inversion


Why is it wrong to say: ''Her i Danmark vi har en dronning'', instead of: ''Her i Danmark har vi en dronning''?

And in this case, too: ''Her i Køge vi har (wrong, the correct is ''har vi'') mange turister''.

And in this case too: ''I Jylland regner det''. When I say it, I say: ''I Jylland det regnet''.

So, should I invert in such cases?

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    In all of your sentences, the verb needs to be placed before the subject, since you've already filled the first position with something else.

    The actual explanation requires a lot of grammar but here it is:
    In declarative main clauses the second element in the sentence must be the verb.

    I don't personally like to talk of an "inversion", since nothing is really being inverted. The rule is that the finite verb MUST be in second position (in declarative main clauses), it doesn't say that the subject has to appear before the verb. When something other than the subject is placed in the first position, the subject has to be put later in the sentence (again because the VERB has to be in second position).

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