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How to use 应 in a sentence???

I know that 应 means "should" but I don't know much about it. Google translation would help a little bit but I need more detailed data on it.
Am I right about the following sentence??

There should be friendship between them.

Does 应 always have 有 after it??? If not, when or in what sentences should I use that pattern??
Can you give some SIMPLE examples??


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    I'm not a native speaker but I may be able to help.

    you can also use 该 like this. 你该做好你的作业。 you should finish your homework (i very really use 该 by itself preferring to use the full form 应该。 probably just a habit from first learning it in high school. of course I've heard only 该 by itself used many times.

    another example: 你(应)该去看你的女儿。 you should go say your daughter. Hope that helps but feel free to double check with a Chinese.


    We do not use single word 应 a lot
    we always use 应该,this means should
    the sentence you exampled 他们之间应有友谊 the whole sentence is 他们之间应该有友谊
    应有 use little, we always say 应有尽有 as a phrase ,means u already got things u want

    the word "应" is used in many words, and has different mean. Usually be followed by "该", the words "应该" means "should"; sometimes it's used in other words,such as "反应" ,could express on the emotional reaction, and also to description about chemical reation, for example,他听到这句话的反应是哭了;碳和氧发生反应,会变成二氧化碳。also it is used like this "回应",means "answer", for example, 他大声的叫了几声他的名字,可是没有任何回应。


    “should” most of time is "应该“, it can be adverb, used before verb, not only "有”,but also other verbs.


    when 应该 omit as 该,the meaning is close to 应该,like should/ought/must do。then we can say

    when 应该omit as 应,the meaning is close to deserve, of course,and there also has some fixed word used as adj/adv, like 应得(deserved, adj),理应(according to some truth we should do,adv),应有(due,should have,adj). we can say:

    So 应有 is most used as adj.

    Then in my opion, "there should be friendship between them", "他们之间理应有友谊“ ” 他们之间应该有友谊“ are better.

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