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What does "a ver si nos vemos" mean in English?

Is it a common phrase when finishing a conversation?

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    When somebody says "A ver si nos vemos", she is telling you she is hoping for you guys to meet sometime.

    "A ver" is a contracted form of the verb phrases like "Vamos a ver", "Voy a ver", etc, it really depends on the context, it demonstrates an intention.

    Examples: A ver si llueve -> Voy a ver si llueve
    A ver si esta dormida -> Voy a ver si esta dormida
    A ver que escondes bajo la cama-> Dejame ver que escondes bajo la cama

    "A ver si nos vemos" at the end of a chat, or conversation can be substituted for "Espero que nos veamos", so you can see, it really depends on the context, it's hard to explain :S

    Hope it helps!

    It's a common expression, but it depends on the context. "A ver si nos vemos", he/she expects to meet you , but she/he isn't certain , an example might be the following:
    You are going to a party , but it's a crowed place and all the students in the University are invited, you talk with a friend about it.

    Amigo (your friend): Vas a la fiesta ? (Are you going to the party)
    Tu (you): Sí , quizás vaya con unos amigos , a ver si nos vemos...(Yes, maybe I go with some friends , hope to find you there)
    Amigo (your friend): Va, nos vemos allá (Yeah, right , see you there)

    Because of it's a crowed place , it's not certain that you find her/him, but because of everybody is invited , you might meet her(him there..

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