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what is the difference of 그리워요 and 보고싶어요?

both of them have same meaning in the dictionary..

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    in my opinion, both of their meaning are same as you written, but differences are...
    when you make a Korean sentence, it would be different.

    when u use 보고싶어요, the sentance just is restricted to visual imagery.
    but when u use 그리워요, u can make sentances using every imagery.

    for example
    난 당신의 코가 보고싶어요. (O) 난 당신의 향기가 보고싶어요(X)
    난 당신의 코가 그리워요. (O) 난 당신의 향기가 그리워요 (O)

    but, sometimes people use 보고싶다 for any imagery sentance for poetry.

    thank you for reading and.... sorry for pool explanation.

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