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Can I use 源 with other words, not just 水?


I know 水源 means water source/source of water, but can I use 源 to mean source where other things are concerned ie: 石油源( source of oil), 煤源 (source of coal) or maybe even non physical things like 娱乐源 (source of amusement ) and 痛苦源 source of pain?

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    The collocations you presented may be correct, grammatically; but not pragmatically...c'z they sound weird to native speakers, like me.

    源can be collocated with substatiated things, as the above examples, and unsubstatiated objects, like, 电源, 根源,your 痛苦源(though 痛苦的源头is better).

    I suggest you doing some basic readings on Modern Chinese morphology to figure out the rules for Chinese phrase and it will be much easier to learn plenty of phrases after you know the single character!

    For example, 源泉 and 泉源 are almost different things though the characters are the same.

    yes,you can
    I think you can do it.
    such as :快乐源,痛苦源,石油源,煤源
    just everybody already was habit to use with 水.

    痛苦的根源 娱乐的源泉。。一般这么用

    "源"means the place where things come from. However , it is originally means the place where water come from. As time went by we broaden its meaning. Now the place where pain come from is called "痛苦的根源”.etc. I do hope it will help you.

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