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Joual Quebecois

I was reading Wikipedia last night and came across and article about a dialect of French spoken by the working classes around Montreal called joual. There was some examples of vocabulary and it was really different from what I know. I can curious about this and wonder if anyone could tell me more about it. Thanks.

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    I'm from Quebec. Joual is not a dialect per se, it's just a twist on the pronuciation, sloppyness, easy short cuts. It's spoken not only around Montreal, but pretty much all over the province, with regional variation and it's not limited to a social class, except perhaps the working class is the only one proud of it. In my book, it's ok when spoken (thought I wouldn't speak like that to say my grand-parents), but gives me the creeps in writing as it show a lack of education. But then its not million mules from your own street talk ("isn't it" becoming "innit", that's the sort of short cut we are talking about).

    If you want an example of how it works : "il" (he) gets shorten to "y" and "elle" (she)to "a" in some cases (depending on the verb that follows). So :
    - Il est allé en ville. Elle va venir aussi becomes : Y'é allé en ville. A va venir aussi.

    That's why quebeckers films are hard to understand for newcomers.

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