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An insufferable know it all的中文怎么说?


An insufferable know it all的中文怎么说?

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Sorry this is a very native expression, let me explain what it means.

A know it all- A person who thinks and acts like they know everything about everything.

Insufferable-Adjective-Too extreme to bear; intolerable.2:Having or showing unbearable arrogance or conceit

Example sentences: "Are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all.
Dear insufferable know-it-all, Unless your name is God, Google or Hermione, you, in fact, do not know it all. Sincerely, good day.

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    The correct term for this expression would be 自以為是.
    To call someone a know-it-all, you can say 他是個很自以為是的人 / 他的人很自以為是.
    Or to put it simply, you can just say 自以為是的人.
    Meaning someone who thinks they know it all, but in fact, does not.


    I would regard "know it all " as 万事通 in Chinese,An insufferable know-it-all means 妄自尊大 hope it helps



    抓狂----- crazy or mad
    好(hao 4)为人师 ----- like to give lectures to others
    自以为是 ----- think he is always right.
    Are you mean that someone acts like an expert in everything?I‘d like to describe that with"半瓶醋"or "全面庸才”,which is a kind of sarcasm of a dabbler in a field of knowledge who pretend to be proficient in like a scholar.

    a know it all =自已为是
    insufferable = 傲慢,狂妄自大
    an insufferable know it all = 自大者
    your examples can be translated as



    I think it maybe means that anything knows. In Chinese is "自以为无所不知",意思是自己认为自己无所不知,很自大,骄傲的表现!

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