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Please I dont know if u can help me.. i am really interested in one japanese song,, so i would like to know what thel lyrics said..

稲葉浩志 - 透明人間

作詞: 稲葉浩志
作曲: 稲葉浩志

透明人間みたいに どこでもゆける
教室の中でも 廊下を走っても

なんて自由なんだろ 波のない海

だれでもかまわないよ 早く

商店街を歩いて バスに乗りこんでも
知ってる人は何人か すれちがったけれど

ズボンのポケットの ナイフは少しひんやり

だれでもかまわないよ 早く

真夜中に目が覚め 天井に手をのばす

だれでもかまわないよ 早く
景色はぜんぶ ゆがんでゆくよ
僕はあの時 光をめざして

いつか僕の思い通りに 思い通りになれ

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    I can go anywhere I want to, just like an invisible man.
    You envy me, don't you?
    When I'm in the classroom or when I run through the hallway
    It looks as if nobody is seeing me.
    How wonderfully free I am. The calm ocean with no waves. (--Maybe.. he feels like he's in a quiet ocean when at school)
    Somebody please call my name,
    I don't care who it is. Now. (--Maybe it implies that nobody talks to him and he's lonely)
    It's sure hot enough today, isn't it.
    I feel thirsty.
    Don't you have a message? (Probably it's like "Does anyone have a message for me?" cos nobody talks to him, nobody even looks at him at school and he wants to be talked to.)
    I walk along the shopping mall, I get on a bus,
    but nothing happens.
    I've seen some familiar faces but (i.e. He sees some people he knows when he goes to town, but they don't look at him nor notice him.)
    Only cameras are watching. (i.e. people don't look at him, only surveillance cameras are looking at him. He's like an invisible man to people.)
    The knife feels a little cold in my pocket. (Associated to suicide?)
    Somebody call my name please,
    I don't care who it is. Now.
    I feel like putting off my shirt and
    throwing it high into the air.
    Don't you have a message for me?
    I wake up at midnight and reach out my hand toward the ceiling.
    Somebody call my name,
    I don't care who it is. Now.
    Everything starts to look crooked,
    I'm deluded by fever.
    At that moment, I tried to reach the light,
    dreaming of the best world ever,
    I swam in your ocean as hard as I could. (Probably he's referring to the time he was born or maybe the time he was in his mother's womb..?)
    Now I want to be somewhere else. (-- because of his desperation? Associated to suicide again, maybe)
    World, be mine
    Be mine some day. Be mine.

    When I first read the lyrics I didn't understand what they were talking about. But after reading again and again I've started to find out their deeper meanings...(I think.)

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