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What is 마구마구 고마워요 and 우걱우걱 고마워요?

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    마구마구 고마워요
    마구마구 : very or wildly
    고마워요 : thank you
    우걱우걱 고마워요 (we don't use this sentence)
    우걱우걱 : swaying creakily

    right sentence : 매우 고마워요 (mae woo go ma woyo)

    Magumagu goma-ooh-uh-yo & ooh-guk ooh-guk goma-ooh-uh-yo.
    Magu-magu gomawoyo and woogeok gomawayo.
    "Magu magu" is an online Korean baseball game... "Gomawayo" means "thank you," the 'yo' being polite. I don't know what "woogeok" means, though. Sorry.

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