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some questions plz

what is meaning this sentence plz?
what is meaning 就 in this sentence?
does 家 meaning family also?
what is meaning this sentence ?

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    The doctor said he is not well enough to walk too far.
    Wait a moment,he's coming back.
    The character"家"contains two kinds of meanings,the first one means where your principle families live(It doesn't exclude the case someone live with his families.),which is similar to the world "home".
    the second one is more likely to mean somewhere you live in now,with great possibility living alone without accompanied by your families.
    For instance:I'll just bact to my place after work.In this sentence,"place"implies the similar meaning to the character"家".
    Mary:Here's 500yuan.
    Thanks,how much is it?I'll give the money back to you changed into rmb .

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