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I need help!! PLZ !!!

Anyone knows German?
Please help me translate the following sentences into English!!
Thanks in advance!!

Öffnen mit ... bei E-Mailanhängen fehlt. Wie soll ich meinen E-Mailanhang in diese App bekommen?? Das ist ein Gefuchtel und Gefummel über Drittanbieter. Wie kann man ein bearbeitetes PDF Formular "mit" Änderungen versenden oder abspeichern. Die Formulare sind beim Empänger wieder leer. Positiv: Text aus Bildern mit OCR funktioniert sehr gut

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    When receiving e-mail-attachments, 'open with...' is missing. How to get my mail-attachment into this app? That means some fiddling and fumbling using third parties. How to (/How do you) send or save an edited pdf form (/save a form 'with' changes)? When arriving at the addressee (/recipient) (the/those) forms are empty again. Positive: (Generating) Text from images using OCR is working very well.

    Open with... missing in E-mail attachments. How do I get my E mail attachment in this app? This is a Gefuchtel and fumbling through third-party providers. How can you send an edited PDF form "with" changes or save. The forms are empty when the receiver again. Positive: Text from images using OCR works very well.

    Just for reference, thank you!

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