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Meaning of ござる in this sentence...

Recently I watched a movie called Rurouni Kenshin (2012). It is the movie version of the anime Samurai X.
In the movie the main character (Sato Takeru) talks in a different accent.
When he was asked for his name he replied like this:
ヒムラケンシンでござる。(Himura Kenshin)
I want to know what does the word ござる act as in this sentence.
Note: This suffix was used a lot in the movie...
ありがとうございました ^_^

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    Ryoko and Hello CTHULHU san are correct.

    I've just found that meaning here.

    6 (補助動詞)補助動詞「ある」「いる」の意の丁寧語。…でございます。…ております。

    I will explain it briefly. ''Gozaru" means the polite words of "aru" and "iru"
    This word was used in Muromachi era to Edo era. Negative form ''Gozanai" was used in Muromachi era but it was changed into "Gozaranu" in Edo era.
    In Edo era, "Gozaru" was changed into "Masuru" and "Masu" as a generalization. Now, except special occasions, ''Gozaimasu" becomes usual.

    Thank you for your question, I got a real answer about "Gozaru".
    I think most Japanese do not know about this.

    Actually, modern Japanese recognize "Gozaru" as "Masu".

    でござる is old samuraish way to say です

    This question reminds me of old but excentric CMs.

    There are some CMs.

    At that time it was very popular and excentric CM in Japan.

    おさるー>(お)さる ー>Monkey

    Why don't you try to watch them?

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