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important question plz

why for separate piannin we write sounds above of the piannin, but when we write them with other pianin we dont write those piannin?
such as:生 its piannin is Shēng but in this word we dont write!生=Xiānsheng

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    生's sound in such situation is called qingsheng(轻声)。it happens occationally,but often limited to certain combinations, such as 哥哥,姐姐,鼻子。。。

    If I didn't misunderstand your question, your question might be 生 = Shēng but 生 != Xiānsheng. I think this is because we have different transliteration ways, just like 漢語拼音, 通用拼音 or WG. In different transliteration way will have different result. I think 生=Sheng is a official type. However, in normal case, Xiānsheng is ok as well.

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