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這些語法什麼時候要用那一個:“在。。。中” 還有 “在。。。之中” 還有 “在。。。上” ?

例如說英文的 "out of all the people here, I like him best" 要用那一個?或者 “In the middle of the process" 要用那一個?

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    it is not easy to answer your question . give you some examples ,maybe you will know how to use them .
    1,那景象深深印在我的记忆中(the scene is printed in my memory)
    2,我是在快乐的环境中成长的(i grew up in a pleasant environment )
    3,在这三个人(之)中,你最喜欢谁?(which one do you like best among the three people ?)
    4,这本书在桌子上(the book is on the table )
    5,我在回家的路上遇见她( i saw her on my way home)
    6,在完成第一道题的基础(之)上,做第二道题就很容易了(it is very easy to do the second problem on basis of finishing the first problem .
    7,你的能力在他之上(your ability is better than him )
    i hope i can help you .

    I think , in spoken Chinese, there is no big difference between these two. We can also say "在... 当中”

    “在……之中”here, 之just means 的。
    it means "在……的中间". so the same with“在……中”。no difference.

    so you can say
    all of these sentences are correct.

    also no diffetence. all of these are correct.

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