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what is the difference between "omoi" , "kimi" and "boku" in japanese?

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    1. "Omoi"=basically it means to think/remember. For example: "Omoidashite kudasai" means please (try to) remember.
    2. "Kimi"=is similar to "Tum" (you) in Hindi. Example: "Kimi wa doudesuka?" means "Tum kaise ho?". However, we may think that "Tum" is used with people we have become closer to, like friends and families. "Kimi" is not always like this. The more you USE it the clearer you will become!
    3. "Boku" is an informal way of saying "Watashi" (I). It is mostly used by men (women might use it but it's extremely far as I know and heard! Women uses "Atashi" most of the times. "Atashi" sounds a bit cute when women uses it. Men can't use "Atashi"...never!) However, please use "Watashi" as much as possible. "Boku" is mostly better to use (if you want to...) with closer people like friends and families.
    Hope my explanation was understandable!!!
    Feer baat karega apke saath! (<-mera Hindi thik hua kya?!)

    ~I forgot to add- "Omoi" can also mean "Heavy" depending on the Kanji!

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