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what does "같은" mean?

also, is this similar to "처럼"?

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    같은 means 'same as' or 'x that's like y', 처럼 is more like 'similar to.' The first is the adjective for of 같다, the second is closer to an adverb but is really a particle.

    For example:

    나와 같은 여자는 예뻐요. The girl that is like me is pretty.

    같은 여자들은 예뻐요. The same girls are pretty.

    예쁜 여자는 같아요. The pretty girl is the same.

    나 처럼, 여자는 예뻐요. Like me, the girl is pretty.

    I think some of my Korean sentences are a little wrong, but I hope you can understand.

    It means "-のような", on the other hand, "처럼" means "-のように".


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