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Driving in Your Country

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering, in your country (which ever it maybe) how do you learn to drive?

In England, you must be over the age of 17 and you must pass at a test centre. The test lasts 40minutes and you perform some maneuvers (reverse round a corner, turn in the road, parallel parking).

Most people drive a manual car with gears and we drive on the left hand side.

And you? :)

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    - Over 18
    - Take lessons until the instructor thinks you're ready to pass the test
    - Pass a written exam (this can be done at any moment) the exam is about traffic rules etc.
    - Pass an exam just like the one you're talking about (parking, reversing round corners, highway driving, making U-turns and stuff like that)

    It's quite funny to check out the cars with a blue sign saying "L" (as in 'lessons'). They usually cause a bit of trouble when they have to perform certain maneuvers like that infamous U-turn.

    For driving licence in my country you have three exams are:
    -You are more than 18 years.
    -Study driving law.
    -Training on the corner of the car.
    -Driving a car in the road.
    We must succeed in order to pass the first exam to exam II and beyond.
    But I tell you the truth very little driving who applied law driving in my country.
    Thank you for the good question.

    In Italy you can subscribe yourself at the institute that release the driving license three months before you are eighteen old and so you can have the "pink sheet", a temporal license that let able to drive only with a person next you that have the license since ten years. With the "pink sheet" you can learn to drive and during this time you have to learn the driving rules too. So when you are already eighteen you can do first an exam on the theory by quiz and after a month if you have successful passed it you have a driving exam with the same thing about that you'll do in England. The only difference (I think that it's so in all part of the world except England) the car are driven on the right hand of the road, only on the left it's possible to surpass and the steering wheel are on the left too in all the cars ( BMW included )
    I hope that I've been clear and if there are some errors (I'm sure), please indicate them to me.Bye bye
    bueno mihamoldirijeme tu pregunta mejor

    i am shalabh from india
    in my country drive a car in right hand side and those person eligable who cross the age of 18 and pass the test of drivinng office. every car in in india has gears

    In Russia, you must be over the age of 18. We drive on the right hand side.

    Beside you must have "permis de conduire" and insurance on the car

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