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Salam and Selam??hl=en-us

What is the difference between the Indonesian words selam and salam? I send an email to Indonesian and at the end of the email I wrote '....Selam, Jesse' but when he replied he started the email with 'Salam Jesse,....'. So now I'm confused what each word means, I thought 'selam' meant safe and I could use it to end a letter and 'salam' was an Arabic greeting meaning 'peace be with you', it that correct?

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    Salam literally means greeting. Also, you can use 'salam' to close a letter, compare to English 'salam' has the same function of 'regards' or 'best wishes'. You can make your closing greeting sweeter and nicer to add the word "manis" into it -> "Salam manis".
    Other example is "salam sejahtera" for the polite one. "Salam sejahtera" usually used as a opening greeting in a public speech or seminar.

    Selam means 'to dive'. I give a word example, the word "kapal selam" in Indonesian. It is a ship which can travel under water (submarine). (additional info: Kapal Selam is also a name of food in Indonesia, it's very delicious, try google it: PEMPEK KAPAL SELAM).

    'Salam' and 'selam' have different vowel and pronounciation as well. A and E. But, don't worry about this mistake, people are understand and they will be very welcoming to correct it :)

    Hope this helps

    Salam means "peace be upon you", it's from arabic, whereas selam means "to dive". We usually use salam before and/or after a conversation.
    From your context, it was likely a typo from the writer to write selam instead of salam.

    I think he would write 'salam' not 'selam'
    In real Indonesian, 'salam' means greeting, just like when you say 'hello','dear', or even 'sincerely'. In arabic, it can be 'salaam', or 'shalom' in hebrew, which mean 'peace be upon you'.
    It's different when you use it with ber- and -an, 'bersalaman' means 'shake hand'
    And, yeah, like the other's answers, 'selam' is dive, 'menyelam' = diving

    Salam in the Indonesian language, and there are several types depending on how the writing content, manner of salutation in the letter means a warm greeting, or formal greeting as he writes in the Indonesian language. There are also greeting that uses the term commonly used religion, as if in Islam greeting used assalamualaikum.

    Selam in the Indonesian language into English means when diving. But it said the foundation of the dive, every word in Indonesia has a basic word.

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