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how to make "order sentences" in arabic?

from a Verb to Order sentences:

do it!
eat it !
buy it !
sale it !
study it !
kill it !
punish it !
call it!
write it !
stop it !
open it !
close it!
drink it !
shut up your mouth!
call the internet company !
do the dishes !
take your bath!
brush you teeth!
do zaka!
do prayer!
cover you hear!
don't drink alcohol!

and so on:

shokran for you help

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    do it! : إفعلها
    eat it ! : كلها
    buy it ! : اشتريها /اشتروها
    sale it ! : بعها / بيعوها
    study it ! : ادرسها / ادرسوها
    kill it ! : اقتلها / اقتلوها
    punish it ! : عاقبها / عاقبوها
    call it! : اتصل بها / اتصلوا بها
    write it ! : اكتبها / اكتبوها
    stop it ! : أوقفها / أوقفوها
    open it ! : افتحها / افتحوها
    close it! : أغلقها / أغلقوها
    drink it ! : إشربها
    shut up your mouth! : أغلق فمك
    do zaka! : زك
    do prayer! : إدع
    cover you hear! : أغلق سمعك
    don't drink alcohol! : لا تشرب الكحول

    For first words, you asked for their writing way and you used 'it'.
    If you erase it for each, you erase "ها" as well.

    If you need the translation of the rest of the words, I could translate them for you...

    Again you're welcome. Regards

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