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chinese elementary grammar


can you tell me the meaning difference :

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    拿不了: means that they r too heavy or too many that u can't take it .
    拿不下去: means u can't take it downstairs.

    1.拿不了?= too heavy to carry.
    2.拿不下去?= depends on the conversation. can be "some attachment can't be removed", better to know the back and forth before give you a good translation.

    拿不了 = ability
    拿不下去 = direction

    The question you asked has a kind of means in China in different cases ,for example ,“东西”.In Chinese ,It can be interpreted as direction in some cases , can be understand as a thing sometime and also can be uesd to bite your thumb at somebody when you are very angry .The upstairs explain is good .

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