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Can you help me to understand this sentence ?

Here is a very simple sentence that bothers me because of "나".

엄마, 나 언제 차 사 줄 거예요?

I guess it means "Mom, when will you buy me a car ?"
But if so, why is "나", a subject form, used in the sentence ? Shouldn't it be "나한테", the form expressing that you are benefiting from the action ?
I thought about it meaning that it is the son or daughter that gives the car for the mother, but it would be a bit weird, plus givent the context of the sentence in my book it is definitely the mother that is supposed to by the car.

Thank you for your answers !

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    The particles in Korean are left out if it is quite clear in the context, and this happens more often in spoken.

    In your sentence, it should be "엄마, (엄마는) 나(한테) 언제 차(를) 사 줄 거예요?"

    These particles below .............

    1) (엄마는), the speaker is talking to her/his mother
    2) (한테), "-아/어/여 주다" means "do sth FOR sb"(sb ☞ obviously the speaker)
    3) (를), the object particle is obvious between "차" and "사 주다"
    (차(는) 사 주다, 차(의) 사주다, 차(에게) 사주다, all make no sense)
    4) even "나" (If we know the speaker is "나" in the context)

    .... can be omitted in this context.


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