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computer keyboard Korean/English

Maybe this is a dumb question but how does everybody type in both languages? Can I set up my computer to do that? Please help :)

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    On a Windows computer...

    Control Panels/Region and Language

    Click on Keyboards and Languages tab

    Click the Change keyboards button

    Add the Korean Microsoft IME keyboard and apply

    You should get a little EN icon in the bottom right of the task bar

    Click on that to change to KO

    Then you can use the Alt key to switch back and forth between EN and KO

    You should print out this image which shows where the Hangul symbols are:

    I got the question from some of my friends from other countries. Some of them have already the answer about it. He said he needed to download Language pack from Microsoft site. That's it. ^^ I hope it will work.

    Yeah, I have done this. I assume you are running a windows variant ? As mohave says, but additionally, install the romaja mapping instead of Dubeolsik (2bul) which will map a -> 아 instead of a -> ㅁetc etc. It just makes it *much* easier to type.

    If you still have problems, message me and I will find the exact menu sequences.

    Mrs. Susan, Have you already settled this problem?
    I have been finding the solution. I am not certain that.
    What is your windows version? xp sp3? or xp sp2? or windows vista? or windows 7?

    * View and Type hangul (windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP)

    * I have heard that XP series need Korean Language Pack.
    XP installation CD has it.

    If you don't have installation CD, you can download it

    ” Korean Language Pack for windows xp, service pack 2.

    ” Korean Language Pack for windows XP, serivice pack 3.
    I tried hard, So, Finally, I found it!!!.

    * Install Korean Hangul Language Pack in Windows XP

    * Install Korean-Hangul on windows 7

    the solution from Youtube video,
    How to set up your computer to type Korean. [Windows XP]

    How to type Korean/Hangul on your computer [Windows Vista]
    Another problem is keyboard-layout.
    US-keyboard is different from Korean-keyboard.
    Korean keyboard has Korean/English-key and Hanja-key, but, US-keyboard doesn't have those.

    We have to change those keys to other key input, though, MS-IME(Microsoft Input Method Editor) doesn't have this function.
    So, We use 새나루입력기(SaeNaRu-IME) or 날개셋입력기(Nalgaeset-IME). We can substitude these application for MS-IME.

    Then, We can change Korean/English key to Left Shift + Space, and hanja-key to F9(9th function key).

    ” 새나루입력기,

    ” 날개셋입력기, (32bit version for xp series) (64bit version for vista or 7)

    Practice for typing hangul.
    I recommend this application for practice typing Hangul.
    This application is free. and you can practice english(qwerty or dvorak), too. But, the contents of this application are written in Korean.

    한컴 타자 연습 프로그램 다운로드, Hancom Typing Practice Download.

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