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hi! how to express in Croatian the difference

between to be in love with somebody and to love somebody as e.g. mother to a son?
thank you

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    In Croatian, the same verb 'voleti' (to love) is used to express both kind of love - to a partner and to a family member. So it's acceptable to say 'Volim te' (I love you) to your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband but also to your children or father/mother.

    'To be in love' we can translate ''biti zaljubljen' and it's used only to say that we love someone in a romantic and sexual way. (Zaljubljen sam u tebe. = I'm in love with you.)

    Also there's a verb 'zaljubiti se' (to fall in love) which means to start to love someone romantically.
    (For example 'Zaljubio sam se u tebe kada sam te prvi put video. = I fell in love with you first time I saw you.)

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