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怎么说:in the beginning


你讲一个故事的时候,怎么开始?英文,可以说:At first 或者 in the beginning 或者 at the beginning。 中文呢?


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    一开始 = in the beginning
    从前= once upon a time

    If you are going to describing some things happened to you. 一开始 will be a better fit. If you are telling a old story/fairy story, 从前 maybe be better. 一开始 is way more common.

    you tell a story by "从前"or "很久很久以前" which means it happened a long time ago.
    eg.: 从前,森林里住着一只大灰狼...

    You can use"从前"which means"once upon a time".



    agree with 1#, it is 很久很久以前/从前/老早个晨光
    my teacher from kindergarten or granny (same as others ppl)ALWAYS start to describe story with words "long long ago" in Chinese, however they just speak it with dialect;)

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