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What does 이나 mean in this particular expression ?

Hello everyone !

In a list of possible subjects of discussion in a workbook of Korean, there is the following subject, in which the role of the "(이)나" particle is not clear to me.

무서웠던 기억이나 사건

I understand that I am supposed to talk about a scary event that I remember (that is in my memory).
But what does 이나 mean after 기억 ? I've read about every grammar note available on the internet and in my textbooks about the (이)나 particle, but I couldn't quite find a meaning that makes perfect sense in this particular sentence. Do you have an idea ?

Thank you for your help !
다음 질문을 한국으로 써 봐겠어요! ^.^

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    It just means "(either)..or..".
    "무서웠던 기억 or 사건"

    ...and "봐겠어요" ☞ "봐야겠어요"


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