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how is the pronunciation of these phrases in darija

Salam! There are someone who know darija and want read me this, is for a work (dialogue)
chokran bezzaf! =)

1 Mcharfin!
2 Ana khesni l9ahua m3a sukkar
3 Ana mchit mjaima m3a bint 3ami. U nti?
4 Sbah ljir. Gulili
5 Chno sarkolik bidabt?
6 Fin? Safi. Ina nhar?).
7 3Tini rakm telefonik , w smitik
8 N3aitolik meni n3arfu chi 7aja

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Base language: English
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    1 Mcharfin!=I'm honored
    2 Ana khesni l9ahua m3a sukkar=I need cafe with a sugger
    4 Sbah ljir. Gulili=Good morning, tell me
    5 Chno sarkolik bidabt? what they have stolen you exactly?


    this's my skype Id i will read this for you
    my skype Id is
    if you care u can add me if not no problem :)

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