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Class, workshop, course? (for English speakers)

What would you call a class in the following situation: students enroll at a film institute, they are tuaght by one and the same metor for a number of years actually making real films under his guidance. So is he teaching them a class, a workshop, a course or something else?
Sory, it seems the question will go itno the wrong language category...

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    Hello Gloria

    Firstly, you should know that both "seminars" and "workshops" are classes.
    And the name given to the type of class doesn't depend on the experience of the person who conduct the class, but rather depends on how the class will be conducted.

    A seminar has a class structure based on conference and visual demonstration. Concepts and techniques are presented and discussed through visual materials, interactive tools ...

    A workshop is a class that includes all components of a seminar, but with a laboratory phase. So, learners are fully involved in the learning process. They practice concepts and techniques that were taught during the conference.
    This is why workshops are often smaller classes.

    So, to choose the correct term, the first thing to know is how is organized the course.

    I hope it will help.
    Have a nice day.

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