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هل علي أن أختم التذكرة قبل الركوب ؟

1) how to read this sentence
2) what does it mean, could you break it down word by word?
3) why they use علي أن here ? can we use it in other place, please give us some more example:


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    the sentence mean " i have to stamp the ticket before boarding"

    عليَّ أن = I have to
    أختم = Stamp
    التذكرة = The ticket
    قبل = Before
    الركوب = Boarding

    عليَّ أن used to express that you have to do something " it is a necessary thing "
    " i have to study hard to get full marks " علي أن اذاكر جيداً حتى أحصل على الدرجات النهائية
    " we have to buy a new car " علينا أن نشتري سيارة جديدة

    Good Luck :)

    the word على أن is for expressing yourself,, e.g : i have to sleep = على أن أنام
    but when you are talking to someone else you say : you should sleep = عليك أن تنام
    also you can use the word لازم but it's not formal arabic or fosaha (fo97a) ,
    لازم أتحدث معك = i have to speak to you .
    the word لابد is just like لازم but it's in fosaha (fo97a) e.g : لابد أن أتحدث معك =i have to speak to you.
    but in both cases if you used لازم or لابد you reflect how important and critical what you are willing to do or asking for .

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