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Can someone explain me why is "am" in this sentence:
Erst sind sie am Fluss entlang bis zur Brücke gelaufen.

Why is here "hinter dem"?
Hinter dem Wald sind sie nach links gelaufen.

Why is here "im"?
Dann musst du jetzt im Kreis um das Zentrum herum fahren.

Are these sentences correct:
Biegen Sie dort nach rechts ab.
Ich komme gerade von der Bank/Post.

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    Hi Sasho,

    this is where German gets a little tricky: there are many different prepositions for different situations.

    1. Sentence:

    The preposition here is "an [etwas] entlang" and it is only used with movement like "laufen" or "gehen".

    The closest translation possible should be "walking along [...]".

    Since it is "der Fluss", an becomes an dem and the short form is "am".

    The meaning of that sentence is that they wanted to reach a bridge and they took a route that runs along the river.

    2. Sentence:

    "Hinter dem" is another preposition that translates into "behind the".

    Since it is "der Wald", "dem" is used (Dativ).

    The meaning of the sentence is that they probably went through the forest and behind the forest they went to the left.

    3. Sentence:

    "Im Kreis" translates into "in a circle" and in this case means you have to make a circle around the center.

    The last two sentences are absolutely correct . :-)

    Biegen Sie dort nach rechts ab. --> perfect
    Ich komme gerade von der Bank/Post. --> perfect

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