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I will try to shop on my own.
Please try to study this book.

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    *Useful set phrases
    In Japanese; 日本語で, In English; 英語で, In Bengali; ベンガル語で

    The concept of "trying" unfortunately doesn't translate very well to various situations in Japanese.
    So let's take a look at each sentence.

    1. I will try to shop on my own.
    So you were supposed to go shopping with your colleagues but it turns out they can't make it. You'd like to tell them it's okay and say that you'll try to shop on your own.
    一人で買い物をしようと思います。 It's along the lines with what fistania has suggested. しようとする is a good candidate though 思います is more natural. 思います is used a lot in Japanese. It seems way to much but it works. しようとする sounds like it's from a third person's point of view.

    2. Please try to study this book.
    Literally translates back to "Please read this book and try to study". In Japanese, you won't say study the book, you only read the book. The verb "try" In the above case, meaning start doing something to see if something comes out of it, translates to something something してみる. "Try reading" would be 読んでみる in Japanese.

    i think "to try" is 「しようとする」
    so maybe "i will try shopping on my own" is 「ひとりでショッピングをしようとします」
    but i'm learning too, so there's a chance that i'm wrong! >_<

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