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how do you say "lessons learned"/"things i learned" in japanese?

i want to list everything i've learned from my notebooks correction, like "lessons learned: etc, etc". or maybe you have a better term for that. thanks! : )

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is 「勉強したこと」 appropriate and grammatically correct for this?

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    I would write: べんきょうしました (Benkyoushimashita)=Studied/learned...
    Hope other native speakers have better terms than mine!

    Again, I think 勉強したこと is a little incomplete if you want to mention something you've ALREADY FINISHED LEARNING...right? Probably, it will be: 終りな勉強したこと (owari na benkyoushita koto)

    「勉強したこと」 is good enough. Or you can say 「完了したレッスン」、「勉強したレッスン」。You can also replace 「勉強した」 with 「習(なら)った」 or 「学習(がくしゅう)した」 or 「習得(しゅうとく)した」。

    I also thought that was enough at first but I'm gravitating towards rjcorraya's suggestion that you might want to add the tense to specify the completeness.

    So add 今まで to mean what you have learn "to this point".

    All in all,
    「今まで勉強したこと」 or 「完了したレッスン」would do.

    復習 (review) might also work.
    「今まで習ったこと」implies that you have learned something "from somebody".
    「習得したこと」literally means "skills acquired.

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