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In english got things like ''It''after a verb how can I say with this it for example
eat it
write it
watch it

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    "It" is こて (kore); 'kore' also means this.
    Eat it=kore tabete (kudasai)
    Write it=kore kaite (kudasai)
    Watch it=kore mite/mie (kudasai)

    *Kudasai is added to make the command more polite. It is better to use kudasai most of the times.
    **While talking to close people like friends or family members, you can just say the verb in Japanese. (Eg. Tabete, kaite, mite). However, this would sound rude if you use with others you respect and are older than you.

    Hope my explanation was easy for you to understand! I think other native speakers will give you better explanations than mine so wait for more!

    Ganbatte kudasai ne (<-do your best)!!! ^_^

    >Mr. rjcorraya これ is correct, not こて。

    When we write in full (without omissions)

    Eat it. = それ=it (you can use "これkore = this" in some cases)を食べてください
    Sore wo tabete kudasai.

    Write it. = それを書いてください
    Sore wo kaite kudasai.

    Watch it. = それを見てください
    Sore wo mite kudasai.

    In Japanese, objects are written after verb.

    But when you talk , you can leave objects out.

    Eat it. = 食べてください。

    Write it. = 書いてください。

    Watch it. = 読んでください。

    And if you meant basic form (not Imperative form)

    eat it = それを食べる
    sore wo taberu

    write it = それを書く
    sore wo kaku

    wacth it = それを見る
    sore wo yomu

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