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In Mandarin Chinese, when do use the word/character 过?


I have seen this character as I have been reading around in Chinese. I know it indicates some sort of past tense but I am not sure when to use it.

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    过 guo4

    1. verb. means pass. ie:
    a.时间过得很快。 Time passes fast.
    b.过生日。 Celebrate birthday.
    2. particle for a main verb in a word. ie:
    a.走过 pass over,
    b.穿过cross over,
    c.经过 experience/ pass a building on your way.
    3. Completion Tense. Means the action has been completed. ie:
    a. 我去过泰国。I have been to Thailand.
    b. 我看过这部电影。 I have seen this moive.
    4. Noun. Most of the time, 过 will combine with other character to become a word.
    a. 过失 mistake
    b. 过分 overly,beyond measure
    c. 过剩, too much/many

    You may feel most of the time, this character will connect with some thing beyond the limit or has been done (beyond the time/experience)

    If you are interested, I have a 200 hanzi program that explains all about Hanzi,meaning, way of using, conversation,and some history behind it. you can also pick up the hanzi, I will tailor make lesson for you including all above points. Also can combine with business related meeting/speech/ppt in Chinese. Thanks.


    after the verb as the indication of result

    as a main word as crossing smth, passing smth or celebration smth

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