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Toda: What is the difference?

What is the difference between "Toda raba" and "Rav toda"?

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    The correct way to say "Rav Toda" is "Rav Todot" That literally means many thanks! Toda Raba also literally means lots of thanks (Rav- many/ a lot) but is used in more casual conversations. Rav todot is much more formal and is not used as much.

    Therefore, when you want to thank a Hebrew speaker, I would recommend using "Toda raba" just because it sounds more casual in everyday conversations.
    I hope that helps!

    Rav/Raba are the male/female forms of "much".
    "Toda Raba" and "Toda" are probably all you need in spoken hebrew.
    "Rav Toda" / "Rav Todot" are archaic/literary/haughty forms of toda raba.

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