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How is it in your mother language...? I will tell you in mine...

The alphabet , cyrilic kirilica, кирилица
А а [а:] Б б [b: ] В в [v:] Г г [g;] Д д [d:] Ѓ ѓ [glj:] Е е [e;]
Ж ж [jh:] З з [z:] Ѕ ѕ [zh:] И и [i:}
Ј ј [j:] К к [k:] Л л [l:] Љ љ [lj:] М м [m:] Н н [n:]
Њњ [nj:] Оо [o:] П п [p:] Р р [ r:]
С с [s:] Т т [t:] Ќ ќ [kj:] У у [u:] Ф ф [f:]
Х х[h:] Ц ц [c:] Ч ч [ch:] Џ џ [jh;] Ш ш [ sh]
it's easy you write just like you speak

How do you say Hello ?
Здраво !
How do you say good morning ?
Добро утро !
Good day ?
Добар ден!
Good evening ?
Добро попладне!
Good night?
Добра вечер!
Како се викаш ? What's your name?
Од каде си ?Where are you from?
Што работиш , студираш? -What are you working , studying?
Thank you

For learning: Macedonian
Base language: English
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    Hello - ciao
    Good morning - buongiorno
    Good afternoon - buon pomeriggio
    Good evening - buonasera
    Goodnight - buonanotte
    Goodbye - arrivederci
    See you - ci vediamo
    What's your name? come ti chiami?
    My name's Claudio - mi chiamo Claudio
    Where are you from? da dove provieni?
    what are you working, studying? Che lavoro stai facendo, quali studi stai compiendo?
    I'm working as salesman - lavoro come venditore
    I'm learning German - sto studiando il tedesco

    The Slovak alphabet:

    AÄBDFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUWXYZ - pronounced just like in German

    The interesting characters:

    J - like "I" in "Iason"
    V and W are pronounced the same

    Long vowels:
    Á É Í Ó Ú - just pronounce it longer than usually, so for example Á/á you read like in the name Aaron

    Soft consonants"
    Č - "ch" in English
    Ď - sounds like "dj"
    Ň - like Spanisch "ñ" in señorita
    Ľ - like "lj" in Saljut
    Š - "sh" in English
    Ť - "tj" - Sounds a little bit like "t" in "I want you"
    Ž - like "j" in French "Bonjour"

    Long consonants (crazy I know) :
    Ĺ - lll
    Ŕ - rrr

    Taste of the language:

    How do you say Hello?

    How do you say good morning?
    Dobré ráno!

    Good day?
    Dobrý deň!

    Good evening ?
    Dobrý večer!

    Good night?
    Dobrú noc!


    What's your name?
    Ako sa voláš/voláte (polite from) ?

    Where are you from?
    Odkiaľ si/ste?

    What studying?
    Čo študuješ/študujete?

    Thank you

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