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Is there a rule for using De and Desse is Swedish?

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Sorry I meant to say Dessa**

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    Well, yes, of course, since they don't mean the same thing.

    De (pronounced: dom) = they
    Dem (pronounced: dom) = Them
    Dessa = these

    "De här" (pronounced: dom här") is more common than "dessa" though.

    "De" can also mean "the", but we only use it if there's an adjective before the noun. "de" is for when the noun is plural and "det" or "den" is for singular.

    The red balls = De röda bollarna
    The red ball = Den röda bollen
    The balls = Bollarna
    Balls = Bollar
    Ball = Boll

    Oh, and with "dessa" you don't have to make the noun definite.

    These balls = Dessa bollar
    These balls = De här bollarna

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