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how do you say she comes,she is coming,she will come and she came in telugu

i want to know present past and future tenses of verbs like come,sing,bring etc. and also does this changes for a male nd female person

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    पहले आप तेलुगु लिखना और पढना सीखें ..अंग्रेजी में लिखना सही तरीखा नहीं है।
    अभिषेकजी का उत्तर सही है।।

    come -- present progressive(male/female) -- vasthunnaadu/vasthondhi
    -- past(male/female) -- vachaadu/vachindhi
    -- future (male/female) -- vasthaadu/vasthundhi
    sing -- present progressive (male/female) -- paaduthunnadu/paaduthondhi
    -- past (male/female) -- paadaadu/paadindhi
    -- future (male/female) -- paaduthaadu/paaduthundhi
    bring -- present progressive (male/female) -- thesthunnadu/thesthondhi
    -- past (male/female) -- thechadu/thechindhi
    -- future (male/female) -- thesthadu/thesthundhi

    It is different for male and female. As far as my knowledge goes, these are the variations.
    she = aame (hindi - vah) ; iime (hindi - yah)

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